Monday, February 7, 2011

Chair Makeover

I had mentioned in this post that Brian we had found 3 chairs sitting on the side of the curb waiting for trash collection. 

Alright, it was all Brian.  Two of them were matching and are now in the dining room, but the other one has been sitting in the garage....waiting...just waiting...

The rattan back is in perfect condition. 

I took the seat cushion off and completely cut off the old dingy blue fabric.  Then I wrapped the foam cushion with cotton padding that I had left over from the bench

I have always thought that fabric shopping is intimidating.  I'm not quite sure why, I guess I'm afraid I'll have buyers remorse and once they cut that fabric, it's yours.  So I've been visiting the fabric stores much more frequently.  If I see something that I like, I've taken a picture of it.  If I really REALLY like a fabric, I'll look at the picture a couple dozen times throughout the next few days.  That's when I know if it's meant to be.  I do the same thing with clothes.

I splurged on this fabric.  It was half off so I got a yard for $17. 

Do I dare say it??? I love it!!

The only problem is that for the first time EVER since I moved in, we have no place to put it =) 

So the moral of the story is...go through your neighbors trash, ya never know what your gonna get. 
Love it?  Like it? Too girly (Brian thinks so) Leave a comment and give me your feedback!


Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

I love it and I don't think it's too girly at all! In fact, I think the fabric is a great Mr & Mrs fabric.
I wish I were crafty...but I'm SO not.

Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

Looks awesome! You need an antique mall booth, to sell all your creations!

Alaka said...

It looks wonderful! Can't believe your neighbors were going to trash it!

Amy @ SweetExpectations8 said...

Joy - it is WONDERFUL!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Looks so good. We should hire you to help us decorate our house. So far, we aren't having much luck! haha

Anonymous said...

Super cute! :) I have a chair I found at Goodwill for 5 bucks. I have been blogging about how I am going to reupholster it for months now. I can't find fabric! It seems so final! LOL

Just found your blog... love it! New follower! :)

Kim said...

Love it! Great DIY's!