Monday, February 28, 2011

Flea Market Madness

I took a special trip to Nashville this weekend to visit my good friend Ivey (I wrote about her here, the way we met is prob one of my favorite stories ever).  A girl couldn't ask for a better hostess!! I was greeted at the driveway with a glass of red wine (with ice in it of course). She spoils me rotten. 

It just so happened that the Nashville flea market was going on during my visit.  How convenient!  Ivey had never been before so we thought we'd make an experience of it.  We had NO clue what to expect or what we were getting ourselves into.  

The insane line for parking should have probably been our first clue that the flea market was a lil bigger deal than we thought it was going to be. 

When we first walked in, we saw what you'd see at any ordinary flea market...

Tons and Tons of Socks

Lots and lots of shoes 

Tons of fake sunglasses 

But this was no ordinary flea was a GIGANTIC flea market.  With booths indoors and far as the eye can see.  And the further we explored the market...the better the treasures! 

Here are some of my faves that we saw

We saw lots of shabby chic old bed frames


The one and only Colonel Sanders

Ivey checking everything out

Isn't this neat?? They had sooooo many awesome old magazines and newspapers

One of the MANY outdoor spots with lots and lots of junk treasures

I loved these old hat pins.  I have something similar to this in my office. 

This would look great in my front hallway where it would welcome guest as they come in.  

Lots of scones 
I wish I had a place for one of these 

I thought the mermaids were...ehhh...interesting to say the least. 

And who wouldn't want this guy in their home?!? 

We thought these would be cool to put magazines in

Of course when I no longer have the initials "JFG"...

Ivey REALLY wanted to purchase this lil guy, luckily her good friend talked her out of it...J/J. 
Scary, right?? 

It took everything in my power NOT to purchase any blue plates...even though I have the perfect spot for them.  I know there are other blue plates in the sea.  

Of course, the flea market brought out Tennessee's finest.  If you don't like to look for good deals at flea markets, at least go for the people watching.  It's safe to say that Ivey was a bit overdressed with her fancy Tory Burch flats...

Ivey bought a huge urn from this guy.  She told him it was for one of her plants.  He immediately asked if it was for a marijuana plant.  Yeah buddy.  Does anyone else notice his Spiderman shirt?? 

And I scored a pair of antique staffordshire spaniel figurines.  I was gonna pay $32 for them but Ivey talked the guy down to $30.  What would I have done without her?? 
They are gonna go on my bookshelf in my office.   I'd show you the bookshelf, but I'm not ready to reveal it yet.  

Here are a couple of things I've learned from frequently visiting estate sales, antique shops, flea markets, etc...

2.  Bring cash.  It's a pain writing a check for $3.00 and for some reason, I never bring cash!
3.  If your going with a friend, wear bright colors so it's easier to find one another. 
4. Good.Walking.Shoes.Period. 
5.  Use the restroom and eat before you go. 
6.  Dealers are more willing to make a good deal at the END of the LAST's just one less thing they have to pack. 
7.  And at least attempt to negotiate a price with's the name of the game.  I was too nervous to negotiate for my dog figurines.  I was about to cash out when Ivey asked the guy if $32 was the best that they could do. 

The Nashville Flea Market takes place on the last weekend of each month.  But our spiderman friend told us the biggest months are April and October.  It's hard to imagine that there will be 10 times as many vendors in April and October as we saw this weekend.  

BIG THANK YOU TO IVEY FOR HAVING ME THIS WEEKEND.  I've gotten so spoiled only having her live 3 hours away now.  I love it.  I was down most of the day today because I already missed her but fortunately she just became a 'FOLLOWER' and that cheered me right back up.  

However, she has said that she won't leave a comment...she's too shy.  I bet she'll give in soon enough...(insert evil laugh). 


SKB said...

One of my favorite things about living in Nashville is the flea market. I had never been to one before I moved here and I LOVE it! Glad you had a good weekend down here!!!

Meredith said...

I have always wanted to go to a flea market!! Looks like you all had a great time. Do you know of any good ones in our area??

April said...

I've lived in Nashville the past 3 1/2 years, but I've never been to the flea market. Might have to check it out. We love to look at junk and search for goodies. And I'm sure, as you said, that the people watching is great!

Anonymous said...

Love your spaniels! great find!