Monday, February 7, 2011

"Hi Ya Barbie"

"Hi Ken"
"Wanna go for a ride?"
"Sure Ken"
"Jump in"

Like most little girls, I was obsessed with Barbie. 

The first time I ever saw this quote, I was in a lil boutique at Ole Miss still.  I've always loved it.  I think our sorority even used it for a t-shirt once (substituting the "Barbie" with "Kappa"). 

But thinking about what Barbie has and I don't...I guess I never aspired to what Barbie has.  And I'm happy all the more.  

-I don't have blond hair
-I never got a pink convertible
-Pink isn't my favorite color
-Her resume puts mine to shame.  I mean how can I compete?  She's been an astronaut, teacher, rock star, vet, and the list goes on!
-I never moved into a mansion with an elevator.  Sad but true. 

I did however find my Ken. 
Do you see the resemblance??? They could be identical twin brothers. 

So take that Barbie!!!Although my Ken doesn't let me dress him up =(  He says I would dress him too preppy. 

This is what Brian's actual twin brother looks like in case you were wondering.  I'm sure you can tell they are not identical. 
Happy Monday!
Joy D.


Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

This is SO funny because I swear up and down all the time that I think Mr. D looks like Ken! In fact, I was Barbie for Halloween this past year and wanted him to be Ken...but I settled for GI Joe. Haha. Also, Mr. D is a twin too (although they are mostly identical).

Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

Too funny Joy! And yes, we had pink shirts that said "I wanna be a Kappa...." I think I still have mine, it's pale pink, of course :)