Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's A One Night Stand

I should have been watching the Super Bowl but instead I took FULL advantage of my hubby being out of the house. 

I have NO clue where this night stand came from.  Brian brought it up for me when I first moved in.  For all I know, he could have found this on the side of the curb as well (and it wouldn't surprise me). 

This nightstand is like a Monet.  From far away it's OK, but up close it's a big old mess.  (Yes, another Clueless line)

I wake up to this every morning and it drives me bonkers!!! We had talked about buying new night stands but I'd rather put the money towards more important things like new dresses, holiday decorations, lil knick knacks around the house, a puppy.     And in all honesty, I love this night stand.  I love that it has a wide surface area so I can put more stuff on it without everything falling off of it. 

So instead I painted it on Super Bowl Sunday.  It took like a bazillion coats. But here is the final product:

I need to fill in the silver on the right side a lil more.  My arms were getting all shaky so I stopped...and got distracted by Sex and the City that is now on E!. 
Or I might just fill in the silver lining I did with more brown paint.  I can't decide.  I painted the old hardware with silver Leaf Paint.  It looks like I have space to put some more picture frames up there (I love having pictures everywhere - it's the best kind of art you can have).

I wear the BIGGEST pearl earrings everyday (I never leave the house without them) but I can't sleep in them, so I usually place them in a small dish on my night stand.  I'm looking for a fabulous antique tea cup and saucer to replace the lil dish to start putting my jewelry in at night. 

OK, do you get the title??? I painted ONE NIGHT STAND.  I've been giggling all day over this!!

Now I can wake up in peace. Sweet Dreams!!
Joy D.


Anonymous said...

Looks great!! My night stand is teeny tiny because my room is so small. I would LOVE to have a big night stand! Have a good weekend! xoxo

Kerr said...

yet another fantastic Clueless line. and the nightstand looks great! very nice work.

Kim said...

That came out great! It looks so refreshed and modern!

Jill said...

You are amazing, this looks GREAT!!! You DO have a career bone in your's a decorator/DIY home project-er! I think HGTV is soon coming to Lexington to grab you as their next star :)

Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

Why can't I do this kind of stuff? Everything I make turns out like crap-ola and looking junky.
It looks great!!!
Funny thing about your blog title...we host a big Halloween party every year and the year before last one of our friends came as a "one night stand." It was pretty funny. He wore a lamp shade on his head and everything.
Oh....and one can never include too many Clueless quotes. :)