Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The "JFD" Bathroom Is Now Complete

Before I start telling you about the bathroom, I just want to reflect on THIS moment right now.  Hubby is at the ballgame with his dad, and my house is SILENT except the sound of little paws running up and down the stairs.  I LOVE having the house to myself.  And hubby will be excited that I blogged about the bathroom; he's asked me twice to post it so he can look at it at work ;) 

Alright, now to the bathroom.

We have 2 full baths upstairs.  One is in the master bedroom and the other one is in the hallway.  And at one point, 3 college boys shared this one bath.

Stage 1:  Trying to clean up the mess the last roommate left us.  

Do you see how the laminate floor is ripped by the tub??

I'll give one of Brian's roommates credit, when he moved out, his mom came over and gave the bathroom a good scrub.  But shortly after,  B's twin moved in, quickly moved out, and didn't clean the bathroom before he left.  And for the VERY short time that the twin lived here - the 3 of us lived togehter.  It got a little cramped...  I can joke about it now because the twin brought it up in his Best Man speech at our rehearsal dinner.  I highly don't recommend living with 2 boys to anyone.   

Stage 2:  Trying to make it look decent for the time being

Notice the metal shower curtain rod, I'll bring that up later
 We painted over the blue.  The shower curtain and all the little accessories were hammy downs from my old apartment that my BFF and I had (I know for a fact that THIS BFF isn't a follower either).  I tried to cover up the ripped laminate but it didn't work too well.  The laminate floor was no longer white - it was more of a yellowish.  I've scrubbed numerous times with bleach but it did nothin! The bathroom was better than what it was before but it still needed some work.

Step 3:  Let hubby do the tile work
See why the floor had to go??? I posted here a few shots of the floor in the beginning stages.

He glued down the wood transition strip on the floor, that's why the weight is there.
And the finished product

Brian works with a guy who is SUPER handy dandy and this guy started telling Brian that tiling was easy and he could do it himself.  I DEFINITELY have this work buddy to thank for Brian's new talent. Brian's REALLY BIG project is the basement but I can't post pictures yet until we move some furniture around and decorate =)  Maybe one day (after tax season), Brian can be a guest blogger and explain the step-by-step process of tiling.

And the rest of the bathroom for your viewing pleasure:
Now the shower curtain rod is white
For Christmas, my other BFF (ya know, the one who wasn't following, now she is following, but has only left 2 comments) got me the Pottery Barn shower curtain off my registry.  The deal was if she got me my new shower curtain, she could have the old one and all the lil accessories that go along with it =)  Thanks Following BFF
(A sweet sigh) I could never get sick of monograms.
I'd get so excited at every shower when I'd open up something for my bathroom.  I had a vision of how this bathroom was going to look and feel and I'm so thrilled with the ending result!! It looks simple and clean, my favorite!

Some of my monogrammed shower gifts:
It's hard to see it, but the monogram is etched in there

I made my lil brother buy me this makeup mirror last year for x-mas, I highly recomend every girl put one in their bathroom.
I'm trying to convince myself that I really don't need the monogrammed bars of soap to put in this glass canister... but I think I need to try harder.
My sweet sister-in-law made me this towel cake for one of my showers, isn't it clever??
As you can see, I was really excited about this towel cake.
And now they are hanging up proudly in my new bathroom, thanks Ang!

I was going to buy a new toilet paper holder for the bathroom, but I painted it silver instead.  
Brian thought it was silly and that I should just buy a new one...
Note: I don't normally have my toilet paper role this way. 
But I saved some Ching-Ching instead.  I even spray painted the metal shower curtain rod.  Brian said I should just buy a new one, here's the convo:

Brian: "Why are you going to the trouble of spray painting it, just buy a new one"
Me: "Because a new one is $10"
Brian: "So, spray paint is $3" 

EXACTLY.  I saved $7 buddy.  Put that towards my Derby Dress Fund please.  Thanks!

Recognize this: 
It was here: 

I was sick of it and about to toss it out, then I decided to just paint it.  I like it...for now. 

OK, one more look: 
It looks so nice and fresh =) And of course it would not look like this at all if it weren't for my amazing tiler,  THANKS BRIAN!!!! 

I should put a sign on the door that reads: "NO MESSY BOYS ALLOWED".  I'm NOT revamping this bathroom again!

The funny thing about this bathroom is...I don't actually use this bathroom.  It's a guest bathroom and why would I want to make 2 bathrooms messy?? That's just silly.  But if you'd like to come over, you are more than welcome to use this bathroom...the guest bedroom is another story.  

OUR master bathroom is next on the list.  It is the ONLY  room in the house that we haven't touched. It's pretty sad and embarassing.  The laminate floor is even WORSE than this bathroom was, the sink is cracked, oh and I've been slowly peeling off the wall paper border that's on the wall.  But for this bathroom, we are caving in and hiring someone. 

Is it sad that I am so super duper excited about a bathroom???
Thanks for reading!! 
Joy D.


Abby Farnham said...

i love it! i especially like it because it looks SO CLEAN with just a few touches of color. I love DIY. Keep up the DIY posts! They are so fun to read!

Ruthie said...

Wow, that looks so great! There is nothing better than a nice, clean, white bathroom!


Beth Dunn said...

I think it looks AMAZING!

Stef said...

I love the finished product! Now when I get too drunk, OOPS! I mean tired, to go home and am laying on your guest bathroom floor, it will be nice new tile :) PS YOU DO NOT NEED MONOGRAMMED SOAPS!!

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I'm in love with your monogrammed shower curtain. It all looks so fresh and perfect! I still need you to come over and give us some design tips :)

Alyssa Jones said...

the bathroom looks awesome!! so when do i get the old stuff:)

Meredith said...

It looks GREAT! You are a woman after my own heart...my love for monograms is RIDICULOUS! :) I have so many monogrammed towels, I don't know what to do with them all. But then again, I guess that isn't a bad problem to have!

Anonymous said...

Looks AWESOME!!! totally impressed! the floor, the curtain, and all the fixin's look great!