Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

The hubby and I actually DON'T celebrate Valentines day.  Don't gasp.  It's always been my decision.  I wrote an article for the Kentucky Kernel five years a few years ago basically stating that I don't need someone to send me red roses and chocolates on February 14th.  I prefer flowers, candy and presents on  RANDOM days of ANY month.  I think it's better to be surprised rather than marked on a calendar. 

And just because I'm not a big February 14th person, I DO hope you and your loved one have a very good Valentine's day. 

HOWEVER, these two want to show me just how much they love me and show how thankful they are that I saved them from the streets. 

My male models. 

So they are having Brian take me to the store tonight to get me a new sewing machine =)  Aren't they the sweetest??


Joy, Brian, Patterson and Halloween (Howie)


Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

sewing machine? Yea! What kind? can't wait to hear the details. Patterson and Howie are sweet kitties. I wuv Howie's orange coat, he's precious!

Jenna Kane said...

Speaking of sewing machines, you might want to check out today's Groupon- there's a monogramming class on April 2nd.