Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Project Dining Room

I've decided the best way to get my house into tip top shape is by going room-to-room. When I've got all the minor details and finishing touches done with one room, I'll move on to the next.

Right now, the dining room has my full attention.

This is what it looked like 2 years ago when I first started taking over the townhouse redoing the townhouse.

With a lil more TLC
And my final picture will be shown after I've shown you my step-by-step projects.

The first one...a curtain.

This is sad, I know.
I'm embarassed I went so long without any kind of drapery. Not to mention even replacing the blinds.

I put my big girl boots on and went to Jo-Ann's Fabrics Thanksgiving weekend. My partner in crime, Alyssa, was my back bone and helped me finalize all my fabric decisons.

Their home decor fabric was 50% off. So I got enough fabric to make curtains, reupholster 2 chairs, and to make seat covers for 6 dining room chairs. Pics to soon as I finish them all!

It's a small window so I was having a hard time deciding what I should do with it. What do you think?
Look any better??

My window was exactly 46 x 46, and I made sure to leave 2 inches extra on each end to make my hem.

I don't have a sewing machine and I'm not sure Santa got my letter in time to put one under my tree. It might be a present to myself to keep me busy during tax season.

So I improvised and got some hemming tape. Ironed it on. Took some ribbon and made little loops and sewed them on the sides of the curtain. Purchased a super cheap curtain rod. Hubby placed little hooks along the inside window panel. Looped the loops around the hooks and done. Sorry I didn't take any step by step pics...but all I got right now is a camera phone. Boo.

I just got some prints in this week to frame and hang up next to the window. I can't wait to fill those walls up! The dining room is shaping up to be a horse themed room...too bad I got Derby tickets and can't host a Derby dinner in there ;)

On a few happy notes, I'm getting my new couch in today.
So out with the old
I REALLY wanted to put this couch in Brian's ManLand, but it won't fit in the spot where he wants it. Instead we have to move our 1980's couch with a slip cover down there instead. Oh well.

And in with the new...
The Ikea couch I have been dreaming of!!! Of course I will show you pics...after I finish the dining room and move into the living room. Hehe.

I also said goodbye to my super old maroon colored Jeep Grand Cherokee this week
After a 10 year streak of being a Jeep owner, I've moved along. I have to admit...I did shed a few tears saying my final goodbyes. So out with the old...

And hello to my new car!
Purty huh?? The car dealership just happend to be right next to Ikea in Ohio.

I'm also getting my wedding picture disk in the mail today. Woo Hoo!!
Merry Christmas to the Dineen Family!!
Happy Wednesday! No work the rest of the week for this lil lady!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

RIP Nancy (AKA Ode to Ivey)

This is my friend Ivey (aka Nancy Ivey Slaughter)

The story how Ivey and I became friends is one of my favorites!! And please let me go ahead and apologize to Ivey...she is the first friend who is going to get picked on now that I figured out how to work my scanner.

I remember it like it was just yesterday, (too bad it was almost 9 years ago). It was July, 2002 and I was at freshmen orientation with my dad at Ole Miss. My high school friend had just decided she wasn't going to attend Ole Miss with me in the fall and I was now short a roommate.

I already had my dorm assignment in Dorothy "Crosby" Hall and for orientation weekend, they had a model room open. My dad and I were in the model room taking measurements of the shelves, I took pictures with my disposable camera of the room and him and I were in a full depth conversation on what we needed to bring to get my dorm room situated. As other soon-to-be freshmen entered the room, I noticed one lady observing me counting how many book shelves there were in the room, I didn't think too much of it cause it seemed that everyone was looking at the crazy girl with the tape measure.
All of a sudden, the women came over and started to speak to me. I was so surprised and nervous and I had a hard time understanding what she was saying to me...finally I uttered something.

"I'm sorry??" The woman repeated...
"Do you have a roommate?"
"A roommate?" I thought. I'm bad on the spot. And I spit out the honest answer,
"No, I don't"
"Would you like to be my daughters roommate" and in that same sentence, she reached behind her and pushed her daughter in my direction. The shy girl was in just as much shock as I was and held up her hand to give me a little wave.
"Uh, sure" I said. The next thing I knew, my dad and I were on our way to the residency office to seal the deal. My dad had mentioned the option of just driving off and not showing was only a few short weeks away and I'd have my own room to myself. I'm certainly glad I didn't take good ol dad's advice.
Our first picture together

My freshmen year experience would NOT have been the same without Ivey. She is STILL one of the most amazing people I've ever met and one of my great friends.

Of course I had a couple of stipulations if Ivey wanted to move in with me. I laid all my cards on the table, "So I'm obsessed with the color purple, everything I have is purple, you don't have to get purple stuff if you don't want to, but I'm not getting anything else". The sweet thing she is showed up with a purple comforter =)
And just to run down memory lane, here are a few pics of our dorm room:
My side is on the left.
My book shelf. My dad and I brought in a piece of ply wood so I'd have an extra shelf to put frames on. I still to this day LOVE picture frames and I love having pictures everywhere.

Ivey on her side.

But this blog post isn't to torture Ivey about freshmen year, it's to share her BEAUTIFUL wedding with you.

I was absolutely honored to be apart of Ivey's wedding. Some college roommates drift and go their seperate ways...we do our own thing, but still talk a hand full of times each week. I can always expect my phone to ring around 5:04 p.m. (just in time for me to be out of work and in my car) and see that Ivey is calling me. Even Brian knows if I don't answer my phone when I get off work, its because I'm on the other line with her. And now that she lives in Nashville, I get to see her a few times a year. Sometimes I get really really lucky and see her twice in one month or back to back months!

The wedding was in her hometown of Cartersville, Georgia and we started the weekend off with manis and pedis
Our adopted roomie, Lauren, is on the far left...but she will get her own Ode later ;)
Then we headed to the Bridesmaid Luncheon at her cute country club. We couldn't have asked for better weather.

Aren't these flowers beautiful??? Oh, and her bridesmaid invitations were Lilly, my fav
Ah rats, I don't know how to turn it the right way. Sorry Ivey!!
And how could I not post a pic of Ivey and her mama?? She was of course the ultimate match maker =)
My Roomies!! The first time we'd all been together in almost 3 years!
Ivey and her SIL, Lesley (sister-in-law). By the end of the week, Lesley was my new BFF.
I love this picture. One of the greatest parts of your wedding weekend is having some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for all in the same place. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did =)

Next up, the rehearsal.
I was trying really hard to concentrate and not mess anything up.
Ivey has the sweetest dad.

Lauren and I got to be roomies again for the weekend. It was just like old times...
And of course I had to give a speech!!! I just HAD to tell everyone how wonderful Ivey was, and how we met and I got to thank Martha (the MOB) for introducing me to such a great friendship that I wouldn't have had without her help. I do think the end of my speech consisted of me telling Luke if he ever did anything bad...I'd hunt him down. Sorry, that's just how I feel about my Nano, only the best for her.

We did what most people do after a rehearsal dinner

Get a few drinks at the local hang out

(The groom in a roomie sandwhich)

Find a stray kitten and sneak it back to your hotel...
That's my Howie, sleeping with Auntie Lauren. He was just so cute and so scared at the bar...I couldn't just leave him??? Now I will always have something to remember Luke and Ivey's special weekend....hence why Howie's middle name is Carter (the wedding was in Cartersville, get it??)

Ok...I'm getting kind of tired. I will finish the wedding pics tomorrow, but I'll leave Ivey hanging by a thread with this pic.

Love ya Nano, aka, Nan, aka Roomie.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I still can't find my camera charger!!!! And I have so much stuff to share =(

This doesn't help with my stress factor

This hasn't helped my stress factor either...
(A pic of one of the MANY times we've had to get my car towed).

We have finally decided to call it quits on my Jeep. We tried so hard to hold off purchasing a new car...and I'm still trying to hold off. B and I have been carpooling. It's fun having front door service to work...but it's hard buying xmas presents for someone when they are driving you around to places. No car = No fun.

And car shopping when it's 9 degrees outside with snow everywhere isn't fun either.

Trying to think of happy thoughts...

(I should be getting my wedding pictures.ANY.DAY.NOW.TRYING.TO.WAIT.PATIENTLY.)

Getting a new Lilly dress would REALLY turn my mood around!

Getting presents ALWAYS makes me happy

Thinking of how much I am going to love my puppy I am going to get after April 15th always makes me happy (Brian hasn't caved in yet). I already have names picked out too.

What are your happy thoughts??
Joy D.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ireland : Part One

Brian and I were so fortunate to be able to go to Ireland for our honeymoon for 10 whole days. What a trip, huh??

Brian's dad is actually from Ireland and he came to Georgetown Hospital in D.C. for his residency in the early 70's. Dr. D met Mrs. D and he decided to make America his home. His ENTIRE family is still in Ireland, including his 95 year old mother (Brian's grandmother). Dr. D still visits home once a year but Brian hasn't been since the fifth grade. Can you imagine going 15 years without seeing your grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles?!?!

When we were thinking about Honeymoon places, I had Disney World and the Atlantis in mind, (Brian has NEVER been to Disney World!!) His dad had mentioned Europe and Brian and I jumped at the opportunity.

Our honeymoon was super special...because we certainly didn't travel alone...we brought Dr.D with us. It couldn't have been any better. He could drive on the left side of the road, drive a stick shift, knew directions, and could hold the camera and take pics of us =) The driving part was prob the most beneficial part for us. DRIVING IN EUROPE IS BONKERS!!!!!!!!!! He also was able to reacquaint Brian with his family members.

The first full day, his Uncle and Dad drove us through the countryside to the House of Muckross, sit back and enjoy the pics!

Admiring the View

The property had gardens everywhere, it reminded me a lot of Duke University

My only request for the trip was to see some castles. On the way home, Brian spotted a sign for Ross Castle.

All it needs is some electricity and it would be an amazing home!

I was mesmerized by the beautiful hydrangea's in Ireland.

I wish these were in my backyard

Part 2 will be up soon
Joy D