Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Cards


I have a small Christmas tree (the same size as the Halloween tree) that I set up in the front hall. I put an angel on top and hang the Christmas cards that come in on the branches. So far, I haven't put the tree up, and I've only received one card.

In the past, I've always sent Christmas cards with "Joy" on them, clever, eh?

Brian has always told me that I couldn't send Christmas cards with a picture of us on it until we were married. I got creative last year and sent a card with characters that looked like us.

Soooo this year...I wrote my photographer an email BEGGING her to send me a picture I could use for a Christmas Card. She wrote back,laughed and sent me 8!! This was the winner:

This is the Christmas Card:

Praying they come in super soon!! I can't wait to start receiving Christmas cards, and if you want to send me a card, I'd be so thrilled and happy to place it on my tree =)

Joy D.


jana said...

what company did you use for your card???? i LOVE it!!!! I still need to order mine and get them out!!

Joy D @ A Glass Act said...

I just did it on Shutterfly, it was free shipping =)

Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

gorgeous pic Joy!! Love it!

Beth G said...

your cards were beautiful, loved it!!!!