Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I still can't find my camera charger!!!! And I have so much stuff to share =(

This doesn't help with my stress factor

This hasn't helped my stress factor either...
(A pic of one of the MANY times we've had to get my car towed).

We have finally decided to call it quits on my Jeep. We tried so hard to hold off purchasing a new car...and I'm still trying to hold off. B and I have been carpooling. It's fun having front door service to work...but it's hard buying xmas presents for someone when they are driving you around to places. No car = No fun.

And car shopping when it's 9 degrees outside with snow everywhere isn't fun either.

Trying to think of happy thoughts...

(I should be getting my wedding pictures.ANY.DAY.NOW.TRYING.TO.WAIT.PATIENTLY.)

Getting a new Lilly dress would REALLY turn my mood around!

Getting presents ALWAYS makes me happy

Thinking of how much I am going to love my puppy I am going to get after April 15th always makes me happy (Brian hasn't caved in yet). I already have names picked out too.

What are your happy thoughts??
Joy D.

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Ally said...

it's always good to have happy thoughts!!
I'm thankful that it's starting to warm up a bit here in florida!