Monday, December 6, 2010

Ireland : Part One

Brian and I were so fortunate to be able to go to Ireland for our honeymoon for 10 whole days. What a trip, huh??

Brian's dad is actually from Ireland and he came to Georgetown Hospital in D.C. for his residency in the early 70's. Dr. D met Mrs. D and he decided to make America his home. His ENTIRE family is still in Ireland, including his 95 year old mother (Brian's grandmother). Dr. D still visits home once a year but Brian hasn't been since the fifth grade. Can you imagine going 15 years without seeing your grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles?!?!

When we were thinking about Honeymoon places, I had Disney World and the Atlantis in mind, (Brian has NEVER been to Disney World!!) His dad had mentioned Europe and Brian and I jumped at the opportunity.

Our honeymoon was super special...because we certainly didn't travel alone...we brought Dr.D with us. It couldn't have been any better. He could drive on the left side of the road, drive a stick shift, knew directions, and could hold the camera and take pics of us =) The driving part was prob the most beneficial part for us. DRIVING IN EUROPE IS BONKERS!!!!!!!!!! He also was able to reacquaint Brian with his family members.

The first full day, his Uncle and Dad drove us through the countryside to the House of Muckross, sit back and enjoy the pics!

Admiring the View

The property had gardens everywhere, it reminded me a lot of Duke University

My only request for the trip was to see some castles. On the way home, Brian spotted a sign for Ross Castle.

All it needs is some electricity and it would be an amazing home!

I was mesmerized by the beautiful hydrangea's in Ireland.

I wish these were in my backyard

Part 2 will be up soon
Joy D

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Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

Stunning, so green!! post more pics Joyce :)