Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Project Dining Room

I've decided the best way to get my house into tip top shape is by going room-to-room. When I've got all the minor details and finishing touches done with one room, I'll move on to the next.

Right now, the dining room has my full attention.

This is what it looked like 2 years ago when I first started taking over the townhouse redoing the townhouse.

With a lil more TLC
And my final picture will be shown after I've shown you my step-by-step projects.

The first one...a curtain.

This is sad, I know.
I'm embarassed I went so long without any kind of drapery. Not to mention even replacing the blinds.

I put my big girl boots on and went to Jo-Ann's Fabrics Thanksgiving weekend. My partner in crime, Alyssa, was my back bone and helped me finalize all my fabric decisons.

Their home decor fabric was 50% off. So I got enough fabric to make curtains, reupholster 2 chairs, and to make seat covers for 6 dining room chairs. Pics to soon as I finish them all!

It's a small window so I was having a hard time deciding what I should do with it. What do you think?
Look any better??

My window was exactly 46 x 46, and I made sure to leave 2 inches extra on each end to make my hem.

I don't have a sewing machine and I'm not sure Santa got my letter in time to put one under my tree. It might be a present to myself to keep me busy during tax season.

So I improvised and got some hemming tape. Ironed it on. Took some ribbon and made little loops and sewed them on the sides of the curtain. Purchased a super cheap curtain rod. Hubby placed little hooks along the inside window panel. Looped the loops around the hooks and done. Sorry I didn't take any step by step pics...but all I got right now is a camera phone. Boo.

I just got some prints in this week to frame and hang up next to the window. I can't wait to fill those walls up! The dining room is shaping up to be a horse themed room...too bad I got Derby tickets and can't host a Derby dinner in there ;)

On a few happy notes, I'm getting my new couch in today.
So out with the old
I REALLY wanted to put this couch in Brian's ManLand, but it won't fit in the spot where he wants it. Instead we have to move our 1980's couch with a slip cover down there instead. Oh well.

And in with the new...
The Ikea couch I have been dreaming of!!! Of course I will show you pics...after I finish the dining room and move into the living room. Hehe.

I also said goodbye to my super old maroon colored Jeep Grand Cherokee this week
After a 10 year streak of being a Jeep owner, I've moved along. I have to admit...I did shed a few tears saying my final goodbyes. So out with the old...

And hello to my new car!
Purty huh?? The car dealership just happend to be right next to Ikea in Ohio.

I'm also getting my wedding picture disk in the mail today. Woo Hoo!!
Merry Christmas to the Dineen Family!!
Happy Wednesday! No work the rest of the week for this lil lady!


Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

Wow, so much to show!!!!!! The dining room looks fab, love the Ikea sofa, when did you go to Ikea? And your new ride, OMG, loooooooove it!!!!! So happy for you!

Jill said...

You are awesome! You're like an HGTV show right here on your blog. I love that IKEA couch....and I desperately need some window treatments as well. I have nice big pretty blinds at least but I think draperies would help pull the room together (along with a lot of other stuff I need, but will get to eventually I guess).