Tuesday, November 23, 2010

O' Halloween Tree

I know, I'm a lil late to still be talking about Halloween...but I was a lil busy while everyone else was celebrating the All Hallows Eve holiday.

I made sure to take a better picture of my Halloween Christmas tree...I know what few followers I have are absolutely dying to see it

My wedding was the day before Halloween and since we didn't leave for Ireland till November 1st, I HAD to take a family picture in front of the tree
Brian looks suuupppppeeeeeeerrrrrrr thrilled doesn't he??? Actually, Brian was a cat person waaaayyy before I was. And I am wearing my Halloween pajama pants as well. Perfect.

This is Howie trying to hide from me on Halloween, he didn't like his costume very much.
I promise, I will get a dog soon.

And while I was absent from the blog world, Ole Miss got a new mascot, The Ole Miss Black Bears. Frustrating. So now all Colonel Reb memorabilia will soon be collector items and antiques. Grrr... I should have bought the Colonel Reb Tervis Tumblers when I had the chance, this is what I think about the situation:

I think next year for Halloween, I am going to dress like Colonel Reb and Brian will be a black bear, eh??

Alright, I'll stop talking about Halloween. Pics of Ireland to come soon (as soon as I find my camera cord), Christmas decor, and hopefully a new bench for my front hall.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Stef said...

Haaaahahaha I can't stop laughing at Brian's face in that "family pic." I'm running out to get some lunch now but I'll e you back after that!! xoxo

jana said...

okay......brian's face.....that alone is worth a blog

Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

oh my gosh, this just made my day! Brian- what a sport :)