Monday, November 22, 2010

The Wedding is Over, Now What?!?

Well, since my last post I've:

-spent a weekend in Nashville
-been a bridesmaid in Cartersville, Georgia
-found a new kitten and convinced Brian to let me keep him
-Rented my townhouse out for 10 whole days during the WEG games
-had 2 wedding showers (3 in total)
-planned a wedding (really wish I splurged and hired a wedding coordinator)
-had my dad and his family STAY at my townhouse for 7 whole days before the wedding
-still continued to work 40 hour work weeks
-GOT married
-went to Ireland for 10 days (and managed to lose my new Father-in-laws camera)

And now I am in the process of trying to get some sort of order back in my life. I'm really only going to try to start blogging cause my good friend MC has dropped a few hints about it.

Brian and I were married on Saturday, October 30th and we were on a plane to Ireland on Monday, November 2nd. And do you know what I did on the plane?? I started writing my project list of things to do when we get back. AS IF just finishing all wedding festivities wasn't enough to keep my mind busy for AT LEAST a month. Nope. Projects are ALREADY in the works. Here's just a few items that I have on my list:

-paint front room light grey
-turn a hope chest into a bench
-finish gold frames picture collage
-find fabric to make curtains and reupholster chairs in dining room
-paint kitchen from bright yellow to tan
-find fabric for curtains in the master bedroom
-put new sink and toilet in half bath and tile
-tile floor in my new "JFD" bathroom
-paint craft room light pink

These are just a few that I CAN NOT wait to get started on. We are going to be very very busy this winter =)


jana said...

are you going to tile your bathrooms yourself???? i cannot wait to see all of this!! i want to come down sometime in december when we are on break since i can't visit home if that won't overwhelm you too much?? we'll talk :)i think i am the most excited to see the redone dining room chairs!! the workwork on them was beautiful!!!!

Joy D @ A Glass Act said...

BRIAN is going to tile the bathroom he says! He did the basement all by himself and he did a really good job. He has a friend at work who is Mr. Fix it and he thinks him and this guy can do absolutely we will see how that works !

jana said...

sweet!! noah and his dad tiled their downstairs as well. i don't think i would have the patience..... :/

and i meant to say WOODwork on the dining room chairs....not workwork. i've actually been looking for a similar design for out living room-to no avail!!

Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

yea!!! You are back! Missed your blog! Wedding pics are gorgeous btw!!