Wednesday, June 30, 2010

122 Days

Oh my gosh!! Exactly 4 more months and 122 days left till I will be Mrs. Dineen. I have had butterflies in my stomach all morning!!

And I have so much to do! I'm going to look at invitations this afternoon and the big news is that my wedding dress came in. I can hardly control myself! I guess every bride LOVES their dress, but I REALLY LOVE my dress.

We have engagement pictures on Monday at Keeneland and I have no clue what on earth to wear. These next 4 months are going to be so busy, crazy and fun. Not to mention, I still have to get my house in tip top shape before October. Exhausted yet???

I think one of the main reasons I have still kept my facebook account is that I love looking at other peoples wedding pictures, shower pictures, etc. I love getting ideas. I also love being able to keep up with all my family members and far away friends =)

Anyway, this is an idea I am totally stealing! Brians #1 request is that he wants lots of candles - I think this would look great all around the back room that is all windows.

Alright, just a little idea I wanted to share. Lots to do!
Happy Hump Day!


Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

Great Idea!! It will save you tons on flowers too!

jana said...

you'd think you had a wedding to plan or something.....geeze....i need some new posts :) and i miss you!!