Friday, June 25, 2010

The Boys in Blue


Let me first clarify that last night was the first time I have ever been more than willing and super eager to watch the NBA Draft. Brian wasn't even home and I watched it...and recorded it on DVR. Owwwww!!!!

I REALLY wanted to see if John Wall was going to be the #1 pick of the NBA Draft.

And sure enough

The kid no joke brought Kentucky basketball out of the slumps. I asked Brian if the "John Wall Dance" would follow him to the NBA. Recap for those who don't know... Oh yeah, the John Wall Dance definitley took off
He even does his dance in his new Reebox commercial - "The shoe that's like an energy drink for your feet"
Me and John Wall
I'm sooooooo glad Brian pushed me into him to take a picture - even though I look absolutely horrible, I'm wearing my glasses and I was wearing my Ole Miss sweatpants, but I hope he didn't notice! When we saw him, Brian basically told me I would be taking a picture with the next Michael Jordan. I was sold.

The #5 pick, DeMarcus Cousins. We saw Cousins playing basketball the same night we saw John Wall - I got a few pics of him but nothing super great, darnit! Awww Boogie! The SUPER UNCLASSY Mississippi State fans (I am biting my tongue soooooo hard to not type completely inappropriate remarks about Mississippi State...I.LOATHE.THEM.) somehow got ahold of his cell phone number before our game against them and poor Boogie got a million voicemails from dirty Mississippi State fans. So after he did a nasty slam dunk against them, he did this little number And said "Call Me". I would have given them another sign with my hands, but I'm trying to be appropriate.

#14 - Patrick PATTERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course we know who my favorite Patterson is...

We got a picture of me holding Patterson up to the TV when Patrick Patterson got announced, it didn't turn out as great as we wanted it. And he certainly didn't like it, I have the scratch marks to prove it. I'll have to upload the picture later. I know you guys are dyin to see it.

#18 - Eric Bledsoe Do you think he works out??

And #29 pick was Daniel Orton
I don't really know much about Daniel Orton but that he almost screwed us over cause he dropped out of school right after the tournament...almost making us lose the scholarship for next year. But Brian told me since John Wall got a 3.5 GPA, it somehow balanced the whole scholarship thingy out. Thank goodness for John Wall!

The 5 players were all picked in the first round of the draft...making Kentucky the first school EVER to have 5 PLAYERS GO TO THE NBA IN THE FIRST ROUND!!!!!!!! And it was the first year Kentucky had a player BE THE #1 PICK!!!!

3 out of the 5 players were freshman. Let's hope next years freshman class brings as much entertainment as last years.

This has been a terrific week, I'll have to recap everything on Sunday.

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Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

umm how hilarious are you with your "boogie" story, love that! And love that you took pics w/ John Wall in your Ole Miss sweat pants :) But Patterson the kitty is the very best!