Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tis the Season

Tis the season to post lots and lots of pictures of my garden right? Just think, when it is super cold, and snowing, and everything is dead and gloomy outside, you'll want to look at pictures of my garden and dream of spring and summer. Ok, maybe you won't, but I certainly will!!

I can't tell you how much I love basil! LOVE.IT.CAN'T.GET.ENOUGH.

So I had an old wooden box that I got from...wanna guess??? It came from my dad's house. I drilled holes on the bottom and threw some newspaper in there. I also found some random tin buckets that I didn't know what to do with either.

I think this is the greatest idea ever!!! Planter pots ready to be put in the ground. Less trash. Remember, I'm trying really hard to save the world...well, at least trying to decrease my carbon footprint.

I get to admire my lil herb garden every day when I walk to the front door.

I had Brian take a picture of my lil herb garden tonight, look how big everything has gotten, especially the lavender

I LOVE tomatoes and basil, basil pizza, pesto... I need some more recipes with basil.
I'm all ears!

On another note, Brian wants to paint the front door another color (get rid of the red) Any suggestions?


Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

chocolate brown on the door? Need to see more pics of the outside :)
Love your cute herb planters, tres chic!

amrog12 said...

Please put pictures up of your front house! It looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am so so jealous! You have done so many creative beautiful things! I need to see it in person!!!!!!!!