Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I had this in my yard sale pile
Someone had bought it for us cause they thought it would match our living room but it wasn't quite my style. It was SUPER close to being sold in my upcoming yard sale, however, I really liked it's function next to the couch. I've been storing magazine's, cat toys, and lots of other random treasures inside and out of eyesight. Plus, we love laying our laptops on top of it while they are charging.

So I decided to make it a little bit more my style.

I bought the same curtain fabric I have in my living room at Hobby Lobby for $22.00. I'm really trying to jazz up the brown with more "steel blue" (Brians definition of the color)
I measured the cube's height and width and made sure I put a little extra fabric on each side. I probably used about a hundred little sewing pins to hold the fabric in place. And then I stapled away.
I guess I could have done a little better getting the fabric to be even on each side, but whose REALLY going to see the bottom but me??

One half done, remind me to iron that crease out later.

I'm so glad I found this wooden rod to help prop this thing open! That made the project go by a lot faster!

More stapling to the top and Ta Da!
I'm sooo proud of it!! Now it can still house misc. items and it fits right in and I still have enough fabric to make some throw pillows.

My audience this time fell asleep on me, I guess he found it kind of boring
This WHITE chair is one of his favorite spots so I have to cover it with towels so he can still sleep here. This is a chair that needs a good upholstery job...one that is more Patterson friendly :) (CRAZY CAT LADY, I KNOW!!)

I'm certainly going to be on the lookout for cheap cubes from now on, I think they would be great in any room for some easy storage.

Since I finished this, I've been contemplating if I'm ready to upholster bigger things. I have TONS of chairs that need a change but I might want to practice on some more smaller things...things that are square and don't need so much detail.


Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

It looks great, love the fabric. Good job!

amrog12 said...

Um, can you PLEASE show me how to do this?!!? I would LOVE to learn how to jazz some of our furniture up!!!!!!! You are SO amazing. You are like, Betty Home Wife. It's amazing.

Amy said...

what a great idea!!! ps your cat it absolutely adorable, and Mary Kay Andrews is coming back to Lexington!

-Amy G

jana said...

you are adorable and it came out so so well!!!! i wish we lived closer to spruce things up together!! did you do your yard sale yet?? i was totally planning on coming down to help!! did i miss it??