Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Man's Trash is...Now in my Dining Room

Brian is ALWAYS on the prowl for a good deal.  And he loooves looking for junk  treasures.

Here is my analogy of it:

Facebook to Joy is Craigslist to Brian.

No joke, when I'm bored, I just hop on FB.  When Brian surfs the internet...he goes straight to Craigslist.

Last week Brian showed me an ad for 30 Real Christmas trees that someone needed to get rid of.  Brian thought there was an opportunity in this.  I quickly shot it down.  Brian can come up with some pretty crazy ideas....

So when he came home one day with a mischevious grin on his face and told me to jump in the car cause he said he had something to show me, I was nervous.  And a lil scared. 

We pulled up to a house down the street that looked like it had just done some fall cleaning.  A huge pile of trash was piled on the curb and Brian had his eye on 3 chairs that laid in the rubbish.  But this time, I didn't shoot down his enthusiasm. 

Yes, we salvaged this chair (2 to be exact) from the trash, to the garage.  Where it waited, and waited, and waited. 

See where it was super frayed on the cushions??
The wood had leftover particles of dried up food on them, dust, grime, the works!!!!

The third chair has a rattan back that is somewhat similar to these guys.  I haven't done anything with it yet so it's still in the garage just waiting...waiting...

With the same fabric I used for the dining room curtains, I used for the chairs.

I first CLEANED THE HECK out of the chairs and gave them a good polish.  I love orange glo wood cleaner.  I drown a paper towel in this stuff then wipe down the wood, making sure to leave a lil excess on the wood for it to soak up. 

Only the top cushion popped off, NOT the base, so I measured the whole thing around, traced the top cushion onto the fabric and added a few inches to the trace. 

I put padding in between the cushions so the fabric wouldn't hug into the crease. 

And then I stapled the ba-geebers out of this thing to get the fabric to stay in place.  Don't worry, we've tested it and nothing has far.

With some extra fabric, I made a border to go along the bottom so it covers up the staples.  This is a pic of the border pinned on. 
Used some fabric glue...(still drying in the pic)

Total cost of the project: $12.99
I used 2 yards of fabric for $5.00 (it's usually $9.99 a yard but it was on sale) and $2.50 for fabric glue - I estimated the tax, I'm prob a lil low.

 Without the new chairs on the side... oh and the super small dining room table we had before

And Now...

I have some leftover credit to the Keeneland Gift Shop, so I might go this weekend and see if they have any needlepoint pillows with horses on them.

Like my project?? Leave a comment - I promise, I get a BIG smile on my face everytime I see I have a new one =)


Jenna said...

Oooh, looks great! You've got talent!

Katherine said...

i can't believe you found those in the TRASH! omg! love them!

p.s. loving all your DIY posts!

depinkus said...

bravo!!! good work!

Rebecca said...

Love it Joy!!

Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

ahhh-mazing! Jealous, credit at the Keeneland Gift shop :)

Beth said...

Just when did you become so crafty?! It makes me so proud!!! Looks great!

Abby Farnham said...

Hi! I couldn't e-mail you because you don't have an e-mail connected w/ your blog! But the coupon code is BLOGLOVE. If for some reason it does not work let me know before you place your order! And shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions!

jana said...

i have been waiting for these!!!! :) i looooooooooove these chairs!! so so happy you salvaged them and i think the fabric is absolutely perfect!!!! you're incredible!!