Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Geez, It's About Time!

I've had a basket sitting outside my door for 2 months now for the mail man/woman to place our mail during the winter. 

I've taped our mail slot up to keep the cold draft from coming in. I've even stuffed it with a foam piece.

But somehow, everyday, he/she manages to STILL get the mail through the slot. I even taped an index card to the mail slot that read, "MAIL" and an arrow pointing down. That didn't work. And the card went missing.


Oh look, the newest Martha is in, I know what I'll be doing tonight =) 

And the January issue of the Junior League "Bloom" - which Junior League is one of my New Years Resolutions- to actually be involved and go to meetings.  Please fellow Junior Leaguers, drag me even if I am kicking and screaming and saying that I feel a sudden flu coming on. 

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