Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Does it POP now??

I received a ton of feedback over my bench I made. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.  THANK YOU. 

In case your just tuning in, here it is again:

I said in the post, and I quote:
"I need a smaller, more colorful pillow to put in front of the black pillows.  Something that makes it POP".

I know a lot of people were expecting a green pillow but I chose red to go with this picture:

 So does it make it POP now??

This was the front hall before:

I think the grey makes it feel much warmer. 

So where did I get the pillow???

Well first, I received a "happy" in the mail from a dear friend. 

I'm obsessed.  I think it is a perfect decorative pillow and Brian thinks it is a perfect pillow to give his head and extra umph when watching tv.  I liked the size so much so I thought it would be perfect for the bench. 

For $15, I got the pillow, monogram AND shipping from Ballard Designs.   SOLD!!!!

Such a perfect "happy" to get in the mail!!

I've been searching for the perfect fabric to go with this color for curtains for our bedroom (the color of my bedroom is Valspar's "Brisk Olive".  I could paint every room in the house this color.  Brian thinks it's hideous and that we will have to paint over it if we want to sell the house).

Look at the fabric I got for curtains from Hancocks

LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.  Brian thinks the only reason I got it is because it reminds me of my FAVORITE Lilly P dress; we call it "The Monkey Dress"

(There's a monkey right in the middle of the dress that you can't really see very well). 

Not sure what kind of curtains I am going to do yet, but I'll certainly share as soon as I am done =) 


Jill said...

Okay, I love love love the red pillow there. I really love that bench. I want one of those but I'm not sure where I'd put it...my hallway is really long so I think it'd look weird. Secondly I'm in love with that Lilly dress. So fun! :)

Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

I LOOOOOOVE the black and white tile floors! So vintage, classic looking and perfect!!!
The bench and pillow look great there and have totally transformed your hall. The red pillow definitely gives the pop you wanted.
Seriously, I'm so jealous of those floors. I've wanted those in my kitchen (which I know you have) my entire life.

Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

Also, on an unrelated note, can you send me your email address so I can add it to the book club emails? So excited you want to join in! :)

LHD said...

So I'm probably going to get one of those pillows - awesome. Also - I have the monkey dress and love it too! Can't wait to see the drapes when they are finished. I need to go to Hancocks to find drape material as well. Perhaps I'll go this weekend!

Heather said...

Love the comforter - I have the same one from Target and love it! Have you washed it yet? I haven't and would love to hear how you did it if you did.