Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Spy With My Lil Eye

A few weekends ago, my wedding photographer had a vendor booth at the Jacki Allen Bridal Show.  That's where her and I crossed paths for the first time...I knew from that moment, she'd be mine...j/j...kinda.

Mary went ALL OUT with her booth this year!!! Can you spot some of our wedding photos?? I'll give ya a few minutes to look around.


Mary, if this message were to ever reach you...I hope you don't mind that I stole these photos off your blog.  

Here is the first one...
Do you see it?? Do you see it?? The 2nd to bottom shelf!! That's us!! That is also Mary's FB profile pic =)

Here is the 2nd one...
Do you see it?? Do you see it??? Can you tell I am very excited about this....

And... Mary borrowed one of my veils for her super decked out booth too =)  I was so honored!!

I actually had 2 veils ... I borrowed one from one of my good friends as my something borrowed.
The second one (the one above) my bestie made for me.  You remember how I mentioned in one of my post that my best friend...who didn't follow my blog...well she is following now...and yet has only left me one comment.... strange.

Anyway, I was on a TIGHT dress budget and I decided to cut some corners, I wasn't going to purchase a veil. But then a few months before the big day, I had kind of forgot about the whole veil situation all together.  I had a lot of people tell me to just wear my moms wedding veil ...but my mom didn't have a veil or a wedding dress for that matter.  She wore a $25 sundress from Embry's.

So Alyssa said she would just make one...and she did.  I wore it for my bridal portraits.
  This photo was taken by my talented friend, Emily Faith Photograhy - I'd post some more of these pics, but I need to pick up the disk from her. 
But the whites didn't match up very well, we HAD good intentions of dying the veil to match but we got a lil busy.  So my friend, MC let me borrow her veil for the ceremony.  Thanks MC!!! 
Alyssa and I are still going to fix the veil before my daughter gets married because she WILL be wearing our veil...and my dress....oh yes... she will.  

Thanks Mary for displaying us so proudly in your booth!!!!

I put a lot of thought into my "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue". 
Something Old: I wore my grandmother Joy's pearl and diamond earrings 
Something New: My bestie, Alyssa (the now follower but only one commenter) gave me a handkerchief with my initials (green of course).  The handkerchief was one of her grandmothers - but it was new to me =) 

The other diamond ring in the picture (my engagement ring is to the left) was my mothers - that was my constant reminder that she was with me on my wedding day.  

Something Borrowed: MC's veil
And Something Blue:  My other bestie, Stef (who follows my blog...but not sure she reads it...or else I think I would have heard her complain to me that I don't mention her enough when I write about the wedding - she slept LESS than anyone the week of the wedding...She will get her own "Ode to" soon). She got me a pair of blue Hanky Pankys...

MONOGRAMMED!!!!!!!!! How perfect is that?!?! For future reference, these would make a great bachelorette gift.  You can get them here

Alright, to bed I go!
Joy D.


Alyssa Jones said...

The veil looked awesome at the show!! makes me smile!! hey mention me more and i'll start commenting more :) just joking! love you jujubean

Jacqueline said...

How fun to see your photos in her booth, that means she thought they were fantastic too and I agree. Maybe it didn't match perfectly but we couldn't tell and it is really one of the most amazing veils I have seen. What a wonderful friend.

Megan said...

Wow...your wedding dress is amazing! So cool that your photographer obviously loved y'alls pictures so much to show them off like that!

I'm new to your's adorable!

Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

Aw Mary's booth was so cute, and the wedding pics are fab-u-lous!!! Alyssa's veil is amazing , she's so talented!!! Honored that you wore the veil as your something borrowed! We can be like the sisterhood of the travelling pants, only with a veil! (who sends jeans around the world anyway)? Love you, sister :)

Stef said...

OK I FINALLY FINISHED CATCHING UP ON YOUR BLOG!! Anddddd I'm still waiting for my ode :) BUT, you should still feel honored that the other only 2 things I do in my spare time, I got them both from you! Did you just clap your hands together twice when you got this email?? xoxo