Monday, January 3, 2011

Dining Room Project, Part 3: The Jockeys take their Mount

We have tons of wall space and nothing to cover them with. And for Christmas, Brian specifically asked for Art. That didn't quite fit Santa's budget, but he improvised and made brought us some great stuff to hang on the walls.

I've had my heart set on these Jockey prints from Keeneland for the LONGEST time
There's about 5 of them, and at the time they were $132 EACH framed. That was def not in my budget. I check the Keeneland gift shop website about once a week for good sales, and finally a few weeks ago, the prints went on $80 a piece. This still was not in my budget. But the actual prints were on sale, for $12 each. That was a lot more in my price range. You can get them here but hurry, they are going fast!!!

I went to Michaels and got 4 wooden frames. They were $35.99 each, but every other week, Michaels picture frames go on sale for 50% off, so I got them for $18 each. I also picked up 2 sheets of background paper for $2.50 each.
Sorry, before pics were taken on my iphone before I found my camera charger.

Took the glass from the frame and traced along the paper

With lots of patience and strategic planning, we taped the prints EVENLY in the center of the background paper. Check the fellas out
I was so proud of these bad boys that I couldn't stop looking at them and getting super giddy.

Left Side

Right Side

And all together
I know, the China cabinet gets in the way of one side.

So 4 of these already framed from Keeneland would have cost me $320
Total Cost of my project: $125 and a super proud giddy feeling.


Katherine said...

these look great! i have a set of 6 botanical prints i bought off ebay that i need to frame and get up. if you like botanical prints i linked to the ebay store on a post and they are inexpensive but very pretty in person!

amrog12 said...

I LOVE the jockey prints! LOVE them! You know me, horse racing nut!!!! I NEED to come see your beautiful place!!!!! It looks so warm and cozy!!!!!!