Sunday, January 16, 2011

Well If Kate Spade is Doin it...

I was convinced by my good friend MC, NOT to get rid of the black and white checkered floors in my kitchen .  Why??

Because Kate Spade has black and white checkered floors in her kitchen too.  Yup, that definitely changed my mind. 

NOTE: Don't be fooled by the green pillows, this is NOT my kitchen.  But I have noted that my next house MUST have a window in the kitchen.  Oh, and an island. 

Kate Spade's Kitchen
If you remember from this post, I really wanted a yellow kitchen.  But the yellow we had up wasn't quite the yellow I had in mind.  It got to the point where Brian and I cringed every time we walked in the kitchen.  Soooo, bye bye yellow.  Maybe in my next house, we'll get the right yellow color scheme down.

And HELLO to tan...

See my lil boxwood tree?? I LOVES it!  We picked that up one day in Midway for $25

I don't think I keep anything on these shelves the same way for more than a month.  It's fun to change stuff around.

One of these weekends, I'm going to add another shelf to the right side to even this out a lil more.  It's driving me BONKERS!
My house should be a Pomegranate advertisement - I'm a tad bit obsessed. 

I can't wait to have fresh flowers from the garden around.  Only a few more months, right??
Want to see my favorite cookbook?? (Of course those who know me surely know my cookbooks are for decoration ONLY).
Ok, don't know why that's sideways.  Sorry Charlie!
And it's not my favorite because it has "Joy" in the title - trust me, I have A MILLION things that have "Joy" displayed proudly on them.  This is my favorite cookbook because it's whats in the inside that makes me soooo happy...

The boys I watched for MANY years gave this to me one year for my birthday.  I learned so much from them and their mom (Allison).

The boys (T and Donald) handed out programs at our wedding.

T insisted he had to see me before the ceremony - this made my heart melt and I had to have the photographer take a picture of the moment. 

And then they kept themselves entertained during the ceremony with their moms ipad. 
Whoops, got off subject.  EVERY TIME the boys come up...I always get off subject and start talking about them.  Can't help it.

One of the things their mom told me that will stay with me forever, is to ALWAYS write a lil message in the inside cover of a book if your giving it as a gift.  It makes the gift much more personable and it brings back a sense of memory when you uncover the message.  Every time I see this inscription in my "Joy of Cooking" book, I always picture the boys, their mom and I on their living room floor opening my bday presents.  The boys were sooooo excited for me to open my presents and to eat the funfetti cake they made me (or at least helped make).
Alright, I've shown you my kitchen and given you a very valuable tip. 

I will be taking it easy with the projects this week.  I stayed up late last night painting (another room, not the kitchen) and Brian worked on removing my old bathroom floor today which means my stupid asthma is acting up =(
Fortunately, my asthma doctor serves as my father-in-law as well and him and Brian have gone to his office to get me some medicine.  

Painting on Saturday nights, asthma, I know what your thinking, "Wow, this is one really cool kid".

Do you know what would make me feel like one really cool kid???? Leave a comment =)  And if you want to be a follower too, I certainly wouldn't mind that either.  
-Joy D.


Sarah said...

That yellow was rough, if you ever want help picking a color I'm no interior designer but I LOVE paint color and I fancy myself pretty good at choosing. Love the blog keep writing girly and I'll keep reading

Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

Wow!!! The tan looks ahhhh-mazing! Are you happy with it? KS knows best :) Love you!

Meredith said...

So glad to find your blog! It reminds me of just how much of a doll you really are! xoxo

Abby Farnham said...

i love everything about that black and white shelf!

Jill said...

I am loving that big shelf! I'm also now browsing the Pomegranate site. I might need some stuff hehehe :)