Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Pics of the Kitchen...

These are my first attempts at creating the perfect living space...upgrades are always being done and I'm changing furniture and colors all the time.

This is the kitchen, before it was pink with birdhouses as a border. Not very chic. We added a new refrigerator,sink faucet, and new ceiling fan. This wasn't the color yellow I was going for but was in a rush to get things looking a little bit more spiffy for a baby shower I hosted. Hopefully the next time I paint the kitchen, I can get the color just right!! I am also dying to tear up the black and white floor and just put down tile or a plain white floor.

As you can see, the bird houses had to go!! What is kind of funny is that right after Stef and I stripped this wallpaper and painted the kitchen (Note I could not have finished any paint projects without Stef, she is my lifesaver who really enjoys painting), I went to a wedding shower at my cousins house in Louisville. My uncle was showing me around the house and pointing out his home improvements when he took me to the master bedroom, and there it was, the same birdhouse wall paper we had just taken it down... hey, not everyone has the same taste!

This is kind of the yellow kitchen idea that I had in mind. I have always loved yellow kitchens with blue accents and I love Louisville Stoneware. I'm hoping all my Louisville Stoneawre will accent well in the kitchen when I've finally picked a better yellow. (Picture from

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Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

Haha the birdhouse wallpaper, I think that's historic!