Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Patterson Kitty Dineen

Well I can't blog about the townhouse without writing about the boss man of the house - Patterson (besides, he's just too cute not to write about).

Once upon a time, I did not like cats, I was a dog person (I still love and want a dog very badly). Present day Joy- I have turned into the crazy cat lady and I will always be the first to admit this.

It all started when this cat was hanging around the front of our townhouse community. He would chase the chipmunks and squirrels all day and run up to anyone who would get out of their car - he even jumped in a few of the neighbors cars a few times. And just getting new neighbors, we assumed the kitty was theirs. We still don't really know who to blame for this (but I have a very good suspicion) but we had mounds of squirrel hair on our front porch one day - poor thing. I finally asked the new neighbors about the kitty hanging around the block and to our surprise, it was not theirs! I was hoping someone else would take care of the kitty situation but no one did and he just played and played and played in our little subdivision.

So one day, Brian and I had just gotten home from tailgating and I "accidentally" let the kitty in the house (his name was "kitty" for a long time). He jumped on my lap and fell asleep. I instantly fell in love with the kitty. I started to let the cat in the house for about an hour a night to come cuddle on the couch with me. I started leaving him food outside and I also started inquiring to all the neighbors about the cat. After numerous discussions, it turned out everyone in our townhouse community was waiting for someone else to take care of the kitty. He had fleas, ear mites (his ears were always bothering him), and poor thing was always starving. This is a pic of one of the times I let him in for an hour session of cuddling - though this particular time he chose to cuddle with Brian.
But normally he would choose to cuddle with me!

Brian finally told me that if I got a kitty litter box, I could keep him - and I had to get his fleas taken care of as well. This started the beginning of Joy, the Crazy Cat Lady.
He use to love sleeping in his own bed, now he chooses to sleep over all the furniture - I guess I am a bad cat owner and let him.
Kitty needed a better name and right around the time we decided to keep him, it was the beginning of the UK basketball season (Midnight Madness). Of course the star player for the past 3 years has been Patrick Patterson
So Patterson, aka Pitty Pat or Fatty Patty, has been at home ever since. He is also flea free and has gained 3 pounds since he moved in. Silly Kitty.

He loves hanging out in my sink when I am getting ready in the mornings - Brian thinks it is kind of weird, but I think it makes for a much easier clean up of cat hair!

And when we aren't paying attention to him, he makes it his point to be the center of attention:
(FYI; channel 214 on the DVR box is the DIY channel, our new fav!)

Even though we are sad that Patrick Patterson is going to the NBA next year, Patterson Dineen is staying around for a looooooooonnnnggggggggg time (indoor cats can live up to 17 years).

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Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

Omg he's so cute! He looks like a greeting card!
Diy channel, are you serious, calling the cable company now :)