Monday, April 12, 2010

You've Got Mail!

I just read this article on a blog that I have been recently scoping out. When I come home from lunch, the first thing I am looking forward to seeing is my sweet Patterson (don't worry, I will have lots and lots of post about my sweet Pitty Pat) but the second thing I look forward to seeing is the mail. I still LOVE receiving postal mail! Nothing gets my curiosity going more than to see a hand written envelope sitting in the mail pile. And once in a blue moon, I will sometimes receive a "happy" in the mail... nothing brightens up my day more!! Maybe I will start sending my friends more letters and packages in the mail. I've been reading on some blogs about "swapping" mail packages and I think that would be so neat to do! (That's an open invitation for anyone interested)
Hope you've received some fun mail today!

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