Monday, April 12, 2010

Kitchen Sink Disasters

I think everywhere I have lived, the one place I have completely dreaded opening are the cabinets under the kitchen sink. Traditionally this is where all cleaning supplies and misc. products are kept/thrown. My townhouse is no different, except now there are two of us just throwing supplies under there and stuffing them anywhere they will fit. I needed a little more organization under my kitchen sink!

The first step was to get rid of products that were waaaaaaayyyyy outdated. Hence the Lysol bottle behind that big cup in the front (my watering cup for indoor plants). The expiration date was 2004...eek!

I also got rid of bottles that were basically empty (the clear spray bottle in the front, I sprayed the rest of my counters with it's contents so I didn't waste anything). Seriously, if a bottle is almost empty, it's just taking up space.

I took out everything and gave the bottom a good scrub down. I recently purchased a "computer mat" (that's what I call it, it's a plastic mat you put down under your computer chair so you can role around easier). I had recently purchased a computer mat from Wal-Mart for $5.47 for my newly updated designated kitty litter area (pics to come shortly) and I had some extra left over. I cut excess plastic off and taped down the ends with clear tape so it wouldn't roll up on the sides. This will help future spills to clean up a lot easier!

I bought this bad boy at Garden Ridge for $7.99 (as you can see). It's a handy rotating disk that you put your products on and turn around to grab what you need instead of knocking over everything in the process.

So now when I need a cleaning product, I just turn the disk and my cleaning product will be right there at the tip of my fingers! I had the white shelf that I salvaged from my dad's big move to California, I think that was purchased at Gargen Ridge years ago as well!
Finished product! Now I can get to everything very easily and only kitchen prducts are under the kitchen sink! I moved all bathroom cleaners under the bathroom sink so I have no excuse to tackle the bathroom. I really want to get one of those dispensers for the cabinet doors that I put plastic kroger bags into. I know I should start bringing my own reusable bags to the grocery with me, but the Kroger bags are really good for kitty litter and they make good trash bags for smaller trash cans I have around the house.
Have a good Monday!


Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

Love your sink overhaul! I am scared to open ours too! Great idea with the lazy susan!

Joy G (soon to be Joy D) said...

MC, you know the names for everything!!