Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Ok - so I'm a day late, but I ran out of time yesterday.
I LOVE RECYCLING! I love the color green and I try really hard to live green! And a lot of time living green means spending less green ;) (my big pun of greens).

I am an avid recycler - When I was younger, I would get a pen and paper and sit under the bathroom cabinets and write everything in their that had the recycle symbol on the bottom, that way my parents would know what could be recycled (I prob didn't have very many friends at the time either). It's funny cause I've always made list. Brian was just commenting the other day on all my little notebooks I have for everything. I'm a journalism major, all those ideas in my head need to be on paper!

Ok, back to recycling. When I moved in the townhouse, their was no mechanism for recycling - sad. That was probably my first big change I brought to the townhouse. I called the city and ordered a new Rosie (Recycling bin). Brian had an older rosie that he used to pile trash in so he could just roll it down to the dumpster when it was full. Oh boys. Brian is definitely better at recycling than he used to be, but I still pick stuff out of the trash that should be put in the recycle bin.

It's kind of a pet peeve of mine, but it bugs me when I see stuff in other people's recycle bins that I know can't actually be recycled. It's hard for me, but I do keep my mouth shut about it. Lexington is not capable yet of recycling boxes that contain refrigerated items like coke boxes and microwave dinner boxes. We also can't recycle Styrofoam - hopefully one day!

I really wanted to cut back on the amount of trash we were producing so I started looking into composting. Brian immediately said NO; it would attract animals and I wouldn't keep up with it etc... do you think that stopped me?? I had also just read that the city was giving out free compost bins that they had made out of the old trash bins. So I went and picked one up on my lunch break one day
This is behind our fence so when we are dining outside, we don't have to see it. We've been composting for almost a year now and we love it (and I get to hear Brian say "you were right about composting"). We have totally cut back on our trash and we were able to use our composted dirt for our new garden (pictures to come later). I have a little silver compost trash bin that stays under the kitchen sink and I just take it out every few days. We've had no problems with animals - in fact our neighbors help out and add their scraps to it as well.

I really want to spray paint the compost bin but not sure what color will help it, any suggestions???

Brian went to the grocery this week and came back with Sun Chips IN A COMPOSTABLE BAG!! I was so happy to see him thinking green! And Sun Chips has my business, I hope the trend catches on.

Composting is really starting to catch on, I just saw this on one of my favorite blogs this week.

Check out Life in the Fun Lane's DIY Compost Bin
They def get a green thumb award!

My friend MC bought cute bins for her pantry to help organize and sort her recyclable goods.
I love seeing people recycle!

I'm pretty pumped because starting June 1st, we no longer have to sort our glass from our other recyclables, they can all go into the same bin together. Can it get any easier?
Trying to make every day an Earth Day.
I don't mind being green every day either =)
Happy Recycling!

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Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

You are a composted? Good for you. I tried it but just couldn't manage. Thanks for the call out ;) happy belated earth day!