Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Tax Day!

Around our house, April 15th is almost like December 31st, we count down every minute until tax day is over and Brian is free!! Brian is an accountant (a CPA to be exact) and for the past several months he has been working late hours and working on weekends, no fun. So now it is almost over and our taxes are always signed and mailed out on April 15th...go figure. This will be my last year filing "single" and I'll be getting a check in the mail from Uncle Sam (Obama) for my first time home buyers tax credit!

When Brian and I first started dating, he started studying for the CPA exam's and I have never seen him work so hard! He stayed in every weekend and studied, even during tax season when he worked late hours, he would come home and lock himself in his office (mine now) and study, study, study. After all his hard work, he passed last winter. These are me, the proud girlfriend, taking pictures of him finally getting his certificate.

I am still soooo proud of him and I love telling people that my fiance' is a CPA.
We will be celebrating tonight on the back porch with two cold ones.
Happy Tax Day!

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Stef said...

haha I notice that changed the spelling we talked about last week :) I'm so proud of BD too!!