Friday, April 30, 2010

Work in Progress

For the past few weeks, I have been preparing (in my head) my new "hobby room". I'm so excited about it, but I need my other party (Brian) to get on the same track. We have a 4th bedroom upstairs that Brian was supposed to use for his "Man Room". I think I have seen him use it once, so we have agreed that he will get to take over the entire basement and I am going to take over his Man Room.

I origianlly wanted to make the 4th bedroom another guest room. We inherited some really nice wood twin bed frames from his grandmother (I hope she's not jinxing me to have twins) but Brian was pretty firm that he didn't want 3 guest bedrooms. So the beds are in my storage room waiting with the rest of my furniture that won't be used until we get a bigger house (Does anyone else hoard furniture in hopes that one day it can be used?)

So I think this is going to be the weekend that I start the beginning process of my hobby room. After reading this blog, I am pretty motivated!

Under The Table and Dreaming has turned into one of my favorite blogs! This woman means business when it comes to DIY projects. Check out her workshop!

So these are some pictures of the 4th bedroom as we speak... as you can see it is basically our junk room (I'm a lil embarassed to even post these but keep in mind all the other rooms were 20 times worse then this when I moved in, I actually helped junk this one up). The mirror on the right is going to go in the nice living room as soon as I can finally convince Brian to hang it up. It is super heavy and I hope it doesn't tear the walls down!
Some plants we inherited from my dads big move that we have NO ROOM for and the kitty has completely knocked them over. You can tell we are in a really big rush to pick them up (actually when I do finally pick them up, they will be going straight to the compost). I have big ideas for that blue chair in the back - I've been looking around for just the right fabric for it, I can't wait to get it covered but unfortunatley it won't be getting done anytime soon.

Now you can see all the work I have to do to make this a rockin hobby room!
In the meantime, this post is TO BE CONTINUED...

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Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

Can't wait to see how it comes along! And I am a furniture hoarder :)