Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Christmas All Year Round

Well, on the note of Christmas Tree's, last year I went to Hilton Head Island with Brian's family and we were shopping when I stopped dead in my tracks and saw a Halloween tree in one of the gift shops. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday (yet I never dress up for it) so my big vacation steal was the purple tree and a few decorations to get my Halloween tree started (Tree was $25 and 2 ornaments were $5 each).

I feel like I always say this, but this really isn't a good picture of my tree and I ended up adding a lot more stuff before the big day. I promise to take a better picture this year. I loved having a Halloween tree so much that I have started getting ornaments for other holidays, I'm just trying to find a good spot in the townhouse to put my year-round trees so I don't look like a completely crazy person.

I have enough ornaments and a tree topper for a Gardening tree - tis the season, better put this up ASAP.

Mrs. D has a red tree that she is going to let me borrow for the fall for an Ole Miss tree. And for the record my heart follows Ole Miss football, not UK but it follows UK basketball, not Ole Miss (huge difference).

The red tree can then be used for a Valentines tree.

And I really want a white tree for UK basketball in the month of March, I saw this one in a Hallmark store last Christmas and this has been where my inspiration has come from:

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Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

So cute! I love your themed tree idea!! Hotty Toddy JOYCE :)