Friday, April 9, 2010

Love My Lamps

So notice the lamp in the right (another picture from A few years back, I saw these in an issue of Pottery Barn (one of my many loves) and HAD to have them!! But Pottery Barn prices are more then often a bit steep for my piggy bank.

So I was at JC Penny's one day (Brian's grandmother had bought him a comforter set for his new bed he had just purchased from Pottery Barn) and the comforter set, well, just wasn't what he/we were looking for and I would rather return something then have it sit around the house and take up space. So I brought the comforter set back to Penny's and got a store credit of $76. Not sure really what to use the credit on, it had been years since I had been in a JC Penny's... but there they were my lamps! After one twist of Brian's arm, we were back later that weekend for the lamps. What a steal, they were both on major sale and we were able to get BOTH of them for less then our store credit... and Brian was even able to get a new work shirt.

I kid you not, to this day, when I am dusting my lamps, my heart still flickers cause I love them so much! (I've added lots of picture frames to the table on the left and completely moved the table on the right out of there). These babies were probably my best deal of 2009.

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Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

Love the lamps! Way to go girl!!!