Monday, January 31, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

...the door to this room was always shut. 
Now don't be fooled by this picture...what USED to be behind this door was far far worse. 
    Back in the day, before I made my cleaning debut moved in, this door was always closed.  In fact, frequent visitors of the townhouse (mini recap: the house we live in now used to be Brian's college house that him and his friends totally trashed) didn't even realize there was a whole other room leading off of the main living room.  Actually, there are 2 rooms, this room and a lil study to the right. 

   This room used to be, what I called "The furniture and stereo graveyard".  The ONLY things that occupied this room were broken pieces of furniture, tons of really really old stereo systems and speakers, a black leather couch that was as stiff as a board, and a Bob Marley tapestry hanging from the ceiling.  The couch was given to my brother along with the tapestry. 

No kidding, these guys would bring so much furniture into this house, then in a drunken late night state, furniture would get broken and they'd just put store it in this room for safe keeping.  I took it upon myself one Sunday afternoon to clean the room out.  I carried  a HUGE coffee table - that had one leg dangling off of it with sharp splinter pieces jabbing into my skin-   all the way to the dumpster behind our house.  I even found a completely rotten orange lying in some super smelly metal canister.  Yuck. 

Though I don't have any pics of the "graveyard" room, I do have a pic of this air vent just to show you how neglected this room once was:
Look, even the dust has dreadlocks! Nasty!!!

Here's another pic of the room in it's early days (after I moved in).  Oh look, you can see a stereo system sitting on the coffee table. 

And now, this is my favorite room in the whole house. 
 The rug was my great grandmothers, I'm so happy to have something of hers.  Brian and I rented a big ol' truck and drove all the way to Charlotte, North Carolina to pick it up. 

The furniture came from my dad when he moved.  My uncle had bought it for my mom and the minute my dad told me he was moving, I INSISTED that this furniture belonged to me. 

This antique pie chest is my absolute FAVORITE piece of furniture.  My mom got it prob 30 years ago from a thrift shop in the country.  It used to be in my room when I was way younger then it was used in our computer room. 
This lamp MAGICALLY appeared in our house one day.  That seems to happen a lot in our home...things appear magically and it takes Brian a few weeks to notice it's even in the house.   Funny how that happens.  I have nothing to do with it....I'm completely innocent. Mmmm Hmmm.

I was sooo mad cause I went back to Homegoods to get the other matching lamp...uhhhh....I mean....I waited for the other lamp to magically appear as well, but I was told it wasn't going to happen...because Homegoods sold out of them.  Rats. 

This used to be my mom's reading chair and her favorite place to work.  It's now my favorite reading nook and chair to cuddle up in.  I think one day I will get it recovered...a white chair just isn't very practical for someone who wants 3 kids, a dog and 2 cats... the one dog plan is tentative.  It could move up to 2. 

My silver tea set my grandmother and I used to use for our tea parties =)  And the cord cover my friend MC made for me.  

Well that's my FAVORITE room in my home.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.
Joy D. 


Alaka said...

This room looks amazing! I love all the pieces you used, and love how they all have a meaning.

Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

I LOOOVE this room!!! Love! It looks so comfy and cozy! The pie chest and rug are definitely my 2 favorite pieces and I'm super envious of the silver tea set. Perfection!!!
Some day I'm coming over to check this room out in person (sorry to be super creepy and invite myself over - ha! perhaps a book club meeting there some time? speaking of, i need to get on that...)

Geneva said...

What a beautiful room you have created... one filled with so many connections to the special people in your life. You are truly turning a house into a home. I love how you are not only showing but really using items which are special to you. So many of us put them away and take them out "once every few years". I love how your room comes alive with your special memories. I love your Mom's reading chair and the silver tea set. Which grandmother did this belong to?

Not only is it a wonderful blog full of great ideas it's a glimpse into what seems like a cherised life. This is what makes a home. Can't wait for more.

Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

Wow!! The minute I saw the rug, I though "how beautiful", even more so since it belonged to your grandmother. And your moms white chair is stunning. Its elegant and timeless, just like you. Now I know where your great sense of style comes from, it's obviously hereditary. You have such a gift!

Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

PS, the cord cover made the room with your amazing family heirlooms? I am touched. The room is breathtaking! On another note. What is it with men and old electronics? We have 3 tv's in our garage "just in case".