Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Full Irish Breakfast

Have I ever mentioned how much I loooooovvvveeee mail??? I think I like mail more than the average person.

For instance, I come home everyday on my lunch break just to see if we got any "good" mail. When i can't make it home on my lunch break, I get super eager on my drive home from work because I'm sooo excited to check the mail. 

"Good" mail consist of invitations, cards from old/new friends, magazines, and unexpected packages.

So I was BEYOND excited when I came home from brunch a couple weeks ago and found a package from Ireland in my mail basket!!!

The family in Ireland sent me us a few St. Patrick's Day decorations for our home (Recap: Brian's dad is from Ireland and all of his family still lives there, we even had the opportunity to meet them all on our honeymoon)

Thank You SOOOOO much Aunt Brenda and the Irish Fam!!!! You definitely made my month!!!

During my dining room postings, I was informed by the in-laws that the family in Ireland were reading my blog ;)

And now that I'm "irish by marriage", I wanted to celebrate St. Patrick's Day by serving a full Irish breakfast for dinner - which became my favorite meal on our trip once I realized that a full Irish breakfast consisted of baked beans, MY FAVORITE.

We actually had to celebrate our St. Paddy's day on the 16th because I'm going to a wedding on the 17th.

A Full Irish Breakfast consist of:
-Bacon (bangers)
-Sausage (rashers)
-Black & White Pudding (I opted out of this one)
-Baked Beans!!!

And every meal in Ireland was served with Irish Brown Bread (I found that recipe here)

Our Feast:

I EVEN made a SPECIAL dessert!!! Irish Coffee Brownie Cupcakes (recipe here)

I may or may not have had 3 2 of these today.

The only thing missing was a pint of Guiness...however I had my fair share of Guiness this weekend celebrating St. Patrick's Day downtown Lexington.

THANKS AGAIN TO OUR FAMILY IN IRELAND FOR THINKING OF US THIS ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Which reminds me...I still owe you guys some wedding pictures!

Love, Joy D.


Chelsea said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate!! Hope yall had a good time! Had fun at wines of vine last week girlie!

Sean said...

Awesome! Looks like Brian enjoyed it!

Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

OMGosh. The dinner turned out delicious! (At least according to the pictures.)

Now I'm craving a traditional Irish breakfast...or an English Fry Up. They are pretty much the same thing, for the most part. Next St. Patty's Day I'm eating at your house!