Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Husband!!! And Thanks to The Talented Jamie!!

Brian turned 28 this past Sunday.  Tear.  We're almost to our 30's. Poor Brian, we never get to do anything super fun for his birthday since it's right in the middle of tax season. Oh and he had to take care of me the entire weekend when he WASN'T working. Poor Brian. 

So I wanted to get Brian a SUPER AWESOME GIFT.  I don't know how, but I kept my mouth shut about his present for almost 3 months!!!! That's a record!!!! I tried to steer clear from anything "practical" (his Christmas request was that he didn't want any practical gifts since we had just gotten a ton of wedding presents...that were more to my fancy than to his).  So here was his present:

Aren't they amazing?? Now our in home rivalry can continue!!

What I was the MOST excited about for this birthday present was that I got to call on an old acquaintance to do the painting.  I've been dying to find something for Jamie Givens Schneider to paint. 

Jamie is hands down one of THE MOST TALENTED PEOPLE I'VE EVER MET.  NO JOKE.
She NEVER seizes to amaze me.

I had the privilege of having Jamie be my Jr. Pro cheerleading coach in elementary school.  We all loved her.  She was an amazing cheerleader and an even greater role model.  She'd even come over to babysit lil brother and I and I'd always ask her to do a hair wrap for me.  Do ya'll remember those?? Every time we'd go to her house for practice, her kitchen table would be COVERED with containers of beads and threads.  She was always making jewelry.  She was ALWAYS making something, picture collages, paintings, etc...  She has been one of my FAVORITE people to follow on Facebook.  She hands down has the funnest career to follow.  But my favorite thing about Jamie is that she is no joke the sweetest and most genuine person you'll ever meet. 

I could post A TON of pictures of things Jamie has done...but ya'll know it takes forever to upload pictures on here.  (Sorry Jamie, I stole these off your facebook page.)

World Equestrian Horses 


The Cradle Will Rock


And the list goes on...
This is my favorite and I hope to have her do one for a lil girls room...sooner than later of course =)

Her website will ABSOLUTELY AMAZE YOU.  Check it out here.  It's SOOOO much fun to look at her pictures.   You can also find her on Facebook here.

Happy Birthday to my sweet and hard working husband!!! My gift was a HUGE hit but I think the Cats making it to the Final Four definitely made this his best birthday yet!!!

And thanks again Jamie, we absolutely LOVE them!!!! I can't wait to call you again!!


Kerr said...

what a great gift idea!!

Emily Faith Allen said...

What a great gift! Jamie's work is phenomenal!

Sean said...

Wow! Your friend is amazing! Great gift idea. I'm sure Brian loved it!

Sean said...

oops! This is actually Misty where it says Sean...Not sure what happened there.

Catherine said...

A girl I work with is getting those initials made for her baby girl she is having this summer! I think it's precious! I want one for my bedroom :) Great gift for the hubs!

SKB said...

You have to love Jamie and she does amazing work. I was lucky enough to go all the way through school with her and she is definitely one of the most genuine people I know. So talented and they turned our perfectly!

Angela said...

That was such a great gift, I look forward to playing (badly) some corn hole this Spring!

Meredith said...

So the monogram wood cutout is FABULOUS! Like you, I see this being in my house one day... :)

Jill said...

That is an AWESOME birthday gift! My hubby's birthday was last Saturday and it was his 30th birthday. I didn't get him anything very exciting...he's so hard to buy for :(