Monday, March 7, 2011

Cheers to Friendships New and Old

I know, I know.  I've gotten tons of remarks that I haven't been crafting or blogging very much.  Whoopsie.

Really what I've been up to is cleaning, reading, trying to figure out twitter, and meetin' and greein' with a new friend :)  Actually, it's a friend I met through blogging, even better. 

Being from Lexington, I feel like I get in a friend slump sometimes where I can't meet new people.  A slump where your group of friends has already been labeled for the past X amount of years then when you try to meet other people...well your already labeled to another group.  Make sense?? (This is my favorite blog post from Marquis dePinkus on friendship)

But I've NEVER played the rules of this game. I have always loved making new friends and keeping up with old friends.  Hubby learned this REAL fast when he started accompanying me as a guest to weddings.  We average about 8 weddings a year.  The first year we dated, I had 10 to go to-  see he learned very fast.  And thanks to texting, facebook, twitter, and blogging, it's so much easier to keep up with old friends and make new friends.  Thank you social networking!  

Anywho, I'm so excited about the new friendship that I've made.  So instead of getting home from work and crafting or writing a new blog post, the new friend and I have gone out to get ice cream...3 times.  So can you really blame me for being sidetracked??

And since lent begins this week....a time where you work on your own personal relationship with the big man upstairs....I'm also going to concentrate on friendships.  New and old.  I've got 2 friends off the top of my head that I truly miss and I'm texting them asap to see if they'd like to get together sooner than  later.  I'm also opening up my stationery cabinet and sending old friends cards just so they know I'm thinking about them.  And as for my new friend, I actually might cook and invite her over for dinner since her hubby is away. 

Do you have friends you haven't talked to in awhile?? Well I think I should challenge YOU to touch base with someone you haven't talked to in a lil while, ask someone new to go on a walk or get some coffee (in our case dessert) and friends in your life right now...well everyone loves an unexpected sweet note or message. 

Cheers to and old.
Joy D.


Meredith said...

I was wondering where you had been!!! I know what you mean about new friends, it's tough to find them but I get so excited when I do! Enjoy your ice cream :)

Catherine said...

I will go to Orange Leaf with you any day!

new friend :)

SKB said...

I am completely with you. I have been trying to work on this as well. I have made a lot of new friends lately and it seems like sometimes I neglect the old-not good. We will have to meet up some time when I come home to Lexington. Would love to meet face to face and I have missed your posts!!!

Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

I super pink puffy heart you! :)
This was such a great post and soooo true!

depinkus said...

love you, love your blog, love this post, and Thanks for the shout out sista!!! ...and I'd love to get together with you sometime! I should have followed up and made you meet me at the Varney lecture! hugs!