Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Paint Help!!!

I love decorating... BUT I HATE PICKING OUT PAINT COLORS!!!! If I could hire someone to just pick out paint colors, I would, but unfortunately, it's not in the budget this year.

So I need YOUR help.

My front foyer needs some color. We have a black and white floor (the same in the kitchen) that I would LOVE to get rid of, but that's not in the budget either. One day I will put down a tile floor and it will be fabulous! But for right now, I have to work with the black and white squares. I really want a warm color to make it feel more inviting so I was thinking of a traditional red maybe?? I DON'T KNOW!!!
See what I have to work with:

I've already taken out the white shelf and put in a tall metal table along the wall hoping to help the room a little but I am completely stumped. If I had a traditional red color, maybe I could accent it with some gold frames and mirrors??
Any and all advice and paint colors will definitely be appreciated!!


EMILY said...

I love black & white floors... want them in a house one day! :) I think a pretty grey color on the walls with gold frames would look great!

jana said...

red with gold frames would be gorgeous or if you really are wanting to save money, chose just one wall to be an accent wall and leave the other ones the current color?? paint is hard, but i do agree red with the white and black squares would look wonderful!!