Friday, May 14, 2010

Brian's Big DIY - The Garden

I am soooo glad Brian has a Green Thumb! Gardening comes naturally to him... I have to try really hard at it.

My mom was a HUGE gardener, that's probably the #1 thing people tell me they remember the most about my mother - and how much she loved it. As you can imagine, I would like to keep that memory alive in my own garden. We were able to take some plants and flowers from her flower beds at my dads house last summer, but since he moved in the middle of a big winter storm, we didn't get to take a lot. The priest who is marrying us thinks I should knock on the new owners door and ask them if they would mind if I dug up a few things, just not sure I have the guts to do that yet.

Anyway, last summer Brian really wanted to build a garden bed. He called me one day at work to tell me we had to switch cars at lunch (I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee - great for transporting things!)

We switched cars and I came home to a PILE OF ROCKS in the backyard. Brian is the King of Craigslist - it's his addiction - and he found someone on Craigslist who had a bunch of rocks they were giving away for free.

He bought a bag of cement and lined the rocks up the way he wanted them. He worked all day in the rain and....

Actually he got pneumonia from working outside in the rain. He missed one full week of work and it took him about 3 weeks to recover, the project didn't get done till late fall so we didn't plant anything. I didn't take a before picture of the backyard, but this is last fall. Sorry it's not a great picture, but you get the idea

We spent all day Easter garden shopping and here are some more recent pictures of the garden.
This is a better close up of Brian's fabulous rock bed

Along the back fence

My hydrangea's are soooooo close to blooming! No joke, I check every day on my lunch break to see if either of them have bloomed.

This is one plant we got from my mom's garden, when we got it last summer, they were just a few stems. They TOOK OFF the minute we planted them! We certainly didn't expect them to get that big!

This is the start of my vegetable garden behind the fence (the chairs are about to head to the Yard Sale pile). Fingers crossed we can get it done this weekend.

After my veggie garden gets put in, I... I mean we want to put in a little brick patio for the grill, we also need to do some more landscaping along this side. To the right, you can see the leftover rock that we still haven't shipped off. Free rocks anyone?
Happy Friday afternoon!

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Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

Your backyard looks great, tell Brian he is welcome in Pcola anytime he wants to lend a hand in our yard! Can't wait to see the hydrangea, take more pics. Was that there when you moved in?