Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Showers Brings...

Lots of summer babies and weddings!! My weekends have been JAM packed with showers galore and I'm so happy to be included in all the festivities!!

First up, a baby shower for Mrs. Shalanta Gullett who is expecting TWIN BOYS this May! Phew, I'm already exhausted for her!!

(I don't know why the scanner cut off half the invite, sorry Shalanta) 

She's absolutely beautiful!!!  I can NOT wait to meet Ashton and Grayer!!
Ya'll know I love ALL the details for parties so here are some pics for ya. 
I love presents, and watching people open them is my favorite part of the shower...besides the eating part.
The food was SO YUMMY!! I definitely went back for seconds!!

Of course no baby shower is complete without a diaper cake!!! 

I made one diaper cake 2 years ago for my BFF's baby shower and I'm just dyin to make another one!!

And would you look at this cake!!!!! 
The "ta ta's" were rice crispy treats.

I've been waiting for Shalanta to put this pic up on Facebook so I could steal it and put it on my blog.

Next up on the list was an engagement party for our friends Kevin and Emily.  Kevin and Brian have been friends since they were wee little ones.  We're so excited about their wedding but extremely sad that they will be moving to FLORIDA a month afterwards =(  Not only are they our favorite couple to hang out with but Emily is my only "cat friend" in town - meaning she loves cats just as much...if not more. And we talk about them A LOT.  It's OK to be a crazy cat lady around Emily. 
(Sorry guys, the scanner kept scanning the invite in like several pieces because of the stripes)

 They had a brunch at The Barrel House - we had never been there before so we were in for a real treat!  It was great food and great music!

Brian had to work (stupid tax season) but he got to stop by for a lil bit.

As you can see, I NEVER win the battle over Brian tucking his shirt day...

Emily & Kev with their beautiful hostesses

I feel very privileged because Emily turns to me for wedding advice =)  Brian and I are hosting a party for them on April 30th and I'm soooo excited about it but a little nervous to be the host!!
And to conclude the March showers, my mother-in-law had a BEAUTIFUL bridal luncheon for the BEAUTIFUL Kristin Ford. 
Kristin explains our relationship here.  I've been VERY fortunate to marry into her family.  Even though we are technically only related through in-laws, Kristin and her family have treated me JUST LIKE their own family member.  They are too good to me and I couldn't have asked for a better extended family. 

My mother-in-law and Mrs. Henley (the other host) had WAY too much fun dressing Kristin up for her shower...
We were welcomed at the front door by Kristin and this beautiful punch display...oh and a pic of Kristin rub a dub dubbing in the bath...

All the tables were decked out in green table cloths, silver, crystal, and china...only the finest for the Future Mrs. Milam

Lil spring hand sanitizers from The Bath and Body Shop were the cute favors. 


 All the beautiful table settings made me want to go home and play with all my new entertaining stuff!! It also made me think that I didn't register for enough crystal (hubby is probably rolling his eyes right now).  I do need to be prepared for when I throw a beautiful luncheon...who knows...maybe a baby shower for Kristin is in my future...

And of course there was cake...delicious cake...

I was pretty pumped about my present for Kristin.  I've had it for months!!!! In my defense, she DID register for snuggies...
But I couldn't just give her a plain snuggie so of course I had to get it monogrammed!! Luckily, Kristin likes monograms as much as I do. 

And I didn't want her future hubby to feel left out...
Not sure if Robert likes monograms as much as Kristin and I do...oh well!!  Now there will be absolutely NO confusion whose snuggie is who's. 

I would have gotten a picture of me and the bride-to-be, but I had just had surgery, my tummy was super swollen and none of my cute dresses were brief, it wasn't my finest moment.
Kristin got some BEAUTIFUL presents.  I'm hoping as soon as the wedding is over, Kristin and Robert will have some free time to have some fun with us.

Happy Thursday everyone!


Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

Love all these pics! You know how Mr. D and I loooove to play host/hostess! Of course I was all about today's post. Kinda funny post today is a shower recap from this past weekend! And my title is very similar. Haha. Great minds think alike. :)

Jill said...

Love these shower pictures...and the monogrammed snuggies are the best! I hope you're feeling better from your surgery.

Sundresses and Smiles said...

that diaper cake is so cool! i am give a shower for my cousin this summer and am definitely going to make one of those now! and that monogrammed snuggie- LOVE IT!